Issa Rae is Everything

Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae is Everything

Do we remember a time when people were not referred to as “everything?” I feel like this is a recent development that I am surprisingly okay with. As an awkward black girl my damn self, I love seeking out and secretly judging other awkward black girls. Speaking for all ABGs, Issa Rae is pretty much our leader. She has won two Shorty awards, has over 25 million views of her content, and is currently working on project with both Shondra Rhimes AND for HBO. If that isn’t enough, she also has the nerve to release a very funny book with a great cover picture and is currently on a book tour in support of it. The kick off date was February 10th at the Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles.

The event was scheduled to start at 7pm but started a bit late (colored people time, y’all). Issa read a chapter from her book to a packed house and then answered questions for about 20 minutes before signing books. I asked exactly zero questions, but I appreciated the warm and thoughtful way she answered. She was very funny and poised and connected well with her audience. The reading was full of people with good energy showing their love and support for Issa and appreciating her content. One thing that Issa stressed was the universality of her message. Issa is a black person, a woman of color, but as she stressed several times, the experience of not fitting in, of overanalyzing social situations, and preferring to be at home, with Netflix is pretty universal. Her message is about accepting yourself and celebrating your own quirks, strengths, and foibles. So basically, Issa Rae is not so much an Awkward Black Girl but a poised, self-confident black woman who still remembers that awkward black girl she once was, I think. Anyway, buy her shit.


Disco at Honeycut. You’re Welcome.

This one time, a long ago in 2014, I went to a bar with one of my co-workers. We went to this place thatlooked like the decorator was a huge Interview with a Vampire fan. The front room was all black leather couches and exposed brick. The back room, however, is everything that dreams are made of. There is a light up disco floor.  Let me repeat that; there is a LIGHT UP DISCO FLOOR. Obvi there is booze and dancing, as it is a bar with a disco floor. Obvi, it is the place to get a little too ridiculous in front of your colleagues. Go and have a good time anyway. It opens at 8pm every night and is located at 819 S. Flower Street, near the 7th Street Metro Station which means that you can metro, avoid the DUI, and save money on a cab or cab-like service.


Danzig featured video



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