I have not seen you in a while…

I hope you are well. Between working and slacking off, I have not found the time or mind frame to write. Those days when It’s raining all anyone really wants to do is stare out the window and do absolutely nothing.



Later this month I will be guest writing for  Music Putty a social media site just like this one put together by a group of diverse people from all over the country. Music Putty’s mission is to bring independent music artist into the spotlight, and also share reviews and personal experiences about music that has influenced your life.


Social Media Site


Currently I am listening to only three bands . It’s like a very epic soundtrack for a very Normal life.

Cage the Elephant: Melophobia

I feel like this is the most melodic CD that they have released yet. The throw back guitar sounds and “Strokes” like riffs. They really bring out their soft side with the lyrics about love and destruction. A very relate-able soundtrack to possibly your life.

Purity Ring:  Shrines

An awesome electronic band. This beautiful duo from Canada was brought to my attention recently by two influential women in my life right now. If this is the soundtrack option for your life, then you possibly truly living. Take pictures! Also I will/might be at there DJ set at the Mezzanine in May. I will remind you later.


Bombay Bicycle Club: So long, See You Tomorrow

This is my first writing assignment for Music Putty. To see what I have to say in length about this beautiful band you will have to check out Music Putty later this month.


Do you ever have dreams that seem so real? This song is for you. I woke up to it.


What to read:

Be on the look out for Karley Sciortino the writer and creater of Slutever.

The funnest sex advice ever. Notice I did not say the most helpful. Below is a video from her show on VICE.

<script height=”360px” width=”640px” src=”http://player.ooyala.com/iframe.js#pbid=YjMwNmI4YjU2MGM5ZWRjMzRmMjljMjc5&ec=8xZzV5NjpHzxla6e7GSd1uOeLod89hQU”></script&gt;


Anyway If you are wondering what I am up to. I am shamelessly entering the selfie contest that American Apparel is throwing this week.  A person has to wear clothes after all . I will add this to a list of embarrassing things I have done to get free gift cards.

contest stuff








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