Caught in the fall

Concerts to look out for.

reserved, Seated Show


Cat Power (Solo)

Nico Turner
  • Day: Sun, Dec 1, 2013
  • Showtime: 8:00 PM
  • Doors open: 7:00 PM
  • Days until show: 12
  • Ages: All Ages


Jul 302014

Shoreline Amphitheater

Mountain View, CA
tix on sale nov 22
Photography project
So I decided I will take the next two weeks on a random photography project where I try to photograph as many people or animals Nov.22-December 8th as I can. I have posted a few ads on Craigslist and also will be just roaming around the local cities to see what I find.
Holiday shopping…
This place is the best to find unique gifts


Saturday December 7th & Sunday December 8th 2013
11-6PM each day
Concourse Exhibition Center EAST HALL
620 Seventh St. (at Brannan) San Francisco, CA 94103-4901
FREE  to attend.


So I saw this…. But before I saw this I called almost every book store in San Francisco looking for a copy of the graphic novel. Once I got my hands on a copy I sat there and went through a million emotions. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is, mainly this is a book about addiction and heartbreak. I am not sure what the movie was about but it wasn’t that great and was turned into a circus by the media because of the seven minute sex scene which was the least important thing to focus on when reading the novel.



These albums were basically the playlist for my year. No order of importance.

@the shins-port of marrow

@ariel pink’s haunted graffiti- mature themes

@Damien Rice- 9

@the xx-coexist

@ the neighborhood- i love you


@portugal the man- evil friends

links to check out….

Fashion from LA.

Peter Pan Collars

by s.glover

            I am obsessed with Peter Pan collars. They are the best. They make big faces look appealingly childlike and give everything a cool, vaguely 1970ish vibe. Here are some bad-ass collars, a la the flying boy-child that will never grow up.

  1. This is a grown-up (and on sale) version of the Peter Pan look. The color are muted and the silhouette is slinky and form-fitting but not tight. Rock it with an opposing pop of color or a cool print (cheetah).

  1. Who knew Posh Spice would have such a swinging early 1960s sensibility? This dress is way too expensive for the likes of little ole me to afford, but it’s on my list of wants/loves:

  1. This dress is CHEAP, cute, and amazing:

  1. This dress is so Wednesday Adams it kills me. I’m not usually a fan of polyester (although the previous dress is also polyester) but this has a great shape and texture:

  1. Here is the coolest evening take on the Peter Pan collar. The collar itself is beaded and is a whimsical addition to an awesome party dress:


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