You were working as a waitress at a cocktail bar when I met you..

Lets dive right in.

First things first, American Horror story season three. My prediction is that it will be  the best season ever. Who doesn’t love witches? Especially if your sick of vampires.

Check out the amazing trailers they came up for the third season, also watch the show!

Mini video playlist

Movie to watch:

escape from tomorrow_1.jpg.CROP.article568-large


Escape from Tomorrow. Surprisingly it will make you want to go to Disneyland even more. This movie will take you on a dark trip that you won’t get over.

Directors commentary if you want to learn more about what this film is really about.—escape-from-tomorrowland

Something creepy/fun to learn for this month. I used to have a deck when I was younger then my mom found it and threw it in the fire place because she believes in black magic and told me I couldn’t have it. I am still very much intrigued with the art and concept of the tarot cards years later.



That is where I will be tomorrow listening to some of my favorite band. Tickets are still available click here.I really can’t believe today is sold out because tomorrow is when all the good bands are playing.

An awesome band I am looking forward to seeing



Thank you Lisa  for the awesome gift basket. Now I am Halloweened out!


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