One more with love from LA. : Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

So basically anything that is posted about Los Angeles is written by my awesome friend Shakira Glover, she hates it when people ask her if that is after the singer.. because that would be like impossible for so many reasons. Anyway we both like Henry  Rollins If you don’t know who he is well check out his interview.

Click on his pic to go to the video:

Henry+Rollins+tumblr_ky27zjTPLT1qz7l0aHere is the latest from my Los Angeles peer: She got to meet him :/ blah for me..


Sara the Wine Bar

So it’s my friend Melanie’s belated birthday drink/dinner/girl talk hangout, and we’re trying to decide where to go. Melanie lives in Culver City, so we decide to try this place called, of all things, Sara the Wine Bar. We take a lovely little drive around Culver City, which is surprisingly suburban (parking and big box stores, yall) and my socks get blown straight off by this cute, unassuming, and all sorts of awesome little purveyor of vino and Italian food.

First off, we get there after happy hour is over and the pours are generous and the prices reasonable $8-14 for a BIG glass of most beverages so we’re not even upset. You get a free plate of bruschetta for checking in on some sort of app and it is legit delicious. It’s probably the best bruschetta I’ve had in a long time. The lasagna was also really really good, and the service is friendly and low key. Best of all is that it is populated by what assholes would refer to as “real people” or I should say, people who maybe unironically still rock velour tracksuits and just want to get shitty and share some laughs and drink some good wine. There is a valet but I have no idea how much it costs because there is a shit ton of free parking around. Go get your drank on and drive yourself the three blocks over to where Ross and Target are and have the best girl day EVER.

11800 Jefferson Blvd Culver City, 90230

Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of Los Angeles proper and get closer to nature. These occasions are usually better when there is a lot of available seating and the option to bring wine. Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum is the sort of place one goes to feel cultured and see some awesome actors without feeling too pretentious.

The theatre is awesome. Will Geer was one of the many actors who were blacklisted in the 1950s. Instead of sitting around and sulking, he created a theater on his property. In 1973, he and some others formed a non-profit, and in 1978 it became a real live professional repertory theatre (according to their website).Anyway, back to how awesome it is. It’s outside in this gorgeous little canyon surrounded by trees and natural lighting. There’s a beautiful garden and lots of little cozy nooks to wander around and sneak kisses or split a bottle of wine and enjoy a meal before one of the shows. I saw Merlin there; it was awesome. Buy tickets at or by calling 310-455-3723.

 Music of course


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