My Guys and other bands.

Here are a couple of movie trailers that look great.

From one of my favorite authors David Sedaris



I forgave him for  Where the Wild Things Are ( you should too?) Really that movie was awful  this one looks amazing and guess who is in it??


Love him ❤



Other stuff


Huffington post thanks for telling me …

Don’t judge I love everything he does…everything. Name one bad movie that he has done.


I saw this movie and it was awesome!

This show is so close to my heart it’s crazy.

WILFRED: L-R: Elijah Wood as Ryan and Jason Gann as Wilfred. CR: FX.

These girl will make you laugh so hard and then you will love them .


They have youtube channel which will either scare you or make you laugh.

Don’t forget treasure island flea market this weekend if you live in the East bay /San Francisco area.


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