A movie for you. Also a great band.


If anyone watched the cove and swore they would never watch an environmental “save the whale” movie again due to the nightmarish footage of dolphins, then Blackfish is for you. Ironic? Blackfish highlights the Orca whales in captivity and the chilling events of what unfolds when these 8,000 pound creatures decide to show the Sea world trainers how it really feels to be in captivity. Although claimed to be biased, (what environmental movie isn’t considered biased?) Blackfish exposes Orca whales as maternal mammals with shocking emotional personalities. Even if you could care less about the condition of Orca whales and love Seaworld and wish to be fucking princess Ariel, Blackfish still poses an interesting look into the lives of these whales. I enjoyed it. You’ll most likely enjoy it

-B. Shea

fitz-and-the-tantrumsinpostfor fitz

I’m seriously in love with the new Fitz and The Tantrums cd More than just a dream. They will be touring with Capitol Cities in the fall and I will be attending.


You can find the link to get tickets at fitzandthetantrums.com

Full set performance

Capitol Cities



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